Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Be strong!!

2 days passed since our official break up.. the news of our break up is spreading really fast.. (hmm...the power of facebook...) my heart felt uncomfortable every time someone asks me about it...and these 2 days is non-stop questioning and me explaining of what happened between us.. it's actually a little hard to explain. It probably came as a shock for everyone and probably no one expected our break up. Everyone thought we'll always be that loving couple..Even i didn't expect it...

But our break up made me realize that i have many families and friends that cares and worries about me. Everyone offering their comforts and care. Offering to be my listener when i need it. I'm really grateful to all of you. Thanks a lot.. I'll always remember that you've offered your hands when i needed it the most and one day, when you need it, mine will be there...

To you:
I'll be strong...I'll be alright...I'll stand back up... and I hope you will too..I know you'll be as lucky as me, to have families and friends offering their hands, their comfort, and with that I know that you'll be able to stand up too..
I think I've heard this from somewhere long ago, 'no one in this world cannot live without a certain someone'.. (not really sure if it's the exact words, correct me if im wrong). Don't know if you'll ever read this, but I hope you know that even after all this I still care and I'll always will.. and will forever remember this important part of my life..and you that's in it..


Iris said...

Wei wei~~Iris here. This is my first time leave a mag on your blog eh.
Sometime I really miss the two weeks in Auckland. Talk and have fun. Maybe I should move to Auckland in the future eh. haha~~
Anyway~take care la. Be happy and no worries la. Everything will become past tense.
Will you go back to Malaysia end of this year??

Keli said...

Irisiii....!! Miss you a lot too..it'll be so good if you're here.. so we can drink and pour out our hearts together... Faster move to Auckland la...Can't wait for you to get here.. Find an intern job here next year k?
I'm not sure yet if I'm going back or not.. maybe not lo..wanna save up money to go korea.. :p
You? You going back to HK? If not going bck then can come here to visit me during the holidays lo..
Oh ya..u know that Phantom of Opera is showing in Auckland now..We going to watch on 15th of Nov.. too bad you're not here lo.. If not can go together..:(

Iris said...

Miss you a lot too la. Musks musks >3< I think I will still stay in Dunedin until I grad next year. But sure will come Auckland find you. Besides, I am not going back to HK this year lor. will find a job to work. so if you guys in Aucklabd, I will come to Auckland end of this year or beginning of 2009 la. haha.
I also want to watch the Phantim of Opera ar >///< Sigh...really want to go to Auckland again. but got exam on 17th Nov...when will you finish exam this year??

keli said...

My last exam is on the 10th.. Urs finish so late wo.. but if can come during christmas and new year lo.. then we can celebrate together.. or maybe ck's birthday on the 17th n my sis's birthday on 18th.. Dunedin's going to be really quiet during that time rite? everyone's going back.. is Queenie going back HK?if she's not ask her to come 2.my bro going back malaysia around mid dec so u guys can sleep in his room.it would be so nice if we can celebrate christmas together.can have a christmas party and exchange gifts...wah...can't wait for christmas..:)

Iris said...

yea woo~~we can think about that eh. Queenie also will stay in Dunedin for this summer holiday. I should talk to her about that, then maybe we can celebrate everything together haha~~Can't wait for it. Miss you guys ar~~>///<