Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Home alone

At home alone again.. My sis and bro went to karaoke with my sis work mates. She wanted to drag me along as well but I was too lazy and too broke to go.. Just bought Rihanna and Chris Brown concert tickets that was NZ150.. Really want to go so have to sacrificed my present entertainments for future ones and dint want to miss out again. The concert is on 28th October. Actually couldn't get any tickets cause the tickets were sold out in 20 minutes but because of the popularity of this concert, they decide to hold a second show.. Hope that it's as good as it is worth..

Time passes by so fast... Only 5 more weeks till my final exams. Feels like I just sat my 1st semester exams yesterday..Was planing to get a job this semester but havent took the initiative to type up a CV and send it in.Guess I'll just apply after my exams..Lately, I'm really scared of time. My 21st birthday's coming.. already 21.. I always wonder where did all my teenage years gone.. What have I accomplished? Nothing... Time lost is lost forever.. you can't turn back time and all you can do is just regret. I really dont want to live my life with regrets.. I fear the most that one day when I'm 40 or 50, I'll say 'so good if I've done this and that when I have the chance to but now it's too late'.Some people say that it's never too late.. But I think that in some things, too late means too late. you can never get back what you've lost to time..

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