Thursday, October 2, 2008

My red eye

Man... look like a ghost with one red eye.. No going out for the next few days i guess...
Why me???

Huuuhh... poor me!!! Imagine if both eyes are red.. that would be really scary...

My eyes gotten painful and red 2 days ago.. at first my brother told me that he had red eyes before 2 and think its cause I havent got enough sleep.. well.. i did had really little sleep for the pass few days.. always waking up in the middle of the night... but then the redness got worst..
Last night I was worried sick the whole night and din't get much sleep as well.. I thought I was going blind..I remembered in the movie Ray, he got blind because his eyes always got watery and had a layer of some kind of gooyee stuff covering his eyes.. I had those symptoms as well.. Not as serious as his of course..So I quickly book in to see a doctor the minute i woke up.. Lucky for me there was a cancellation and was able to squeeze me into a 10 am appoinment..

Well, doctor says its probably bacterial infection..not 100% certain but almost.. i thought so as well.. caused by my contact lenses..I used it for 2 months when it was only meant for one.. she said that symptoms of bacterial infection was redness, presence of foreign substances, and the eyes gets sticky in the morning.. n that was all my symptoms.. So, she prescribed me some eyes antibiotic drops.. have to drop it onto my eyes every 4 hours..

At first I thought its not that bad..just like using eye more moist. after my first drop.. OMG!! the antibiotics flowed from my eyes into my mouth and I could taste the bitter taste.. nearly vomited..and I have to do it every 4 hours!! for 3 days!! I'm going to suffer like hell these 3 days...
I'm not sure if it was meant to do that.. it's like eating some eye antibiotics.. would i get poisoning? My sis checked and the eyes antibiotics, choroamphenicol, could also be made into pills.. so guess it alright then??

When I was little, my nose often bleed. There was once when my primary school teacher din't know the right way to stop a bloody nose and told me to tilt my head back.. the blood flowed up and out of my eyes... LOL...I think that must really scared her..

Well, the moral of this story is, for all of you who wears contact lenses.. make sure you change them when you're supposed to.. Don't over use it... :p

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