Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Days of my mid semester holidays

Auckland's so fun!! Auckland's so happening!! You should come here!!
That was what i heard before coming here. Tomorrow will be the sixth straight days i'm in my apartment. Six days without sunlight... hmm... probably becoming a zombie...well at least zombies go out at night...What happen to all the fun? the happening?
Actually it's most probably just me.. i should just ask myself... what happen to the fun me? the happening me?
Have you ever have the feeling of just shutting everyone else out? Just dont wanna talk to anyone? Sometimes when i see someone that i know on the streets.. i just hope that they don't see me and i'll pretend not to see them so i wont have to talk to them.. am i becoming an anti-social person?
I used to be a really talkative person, who goes out almost every weekends and weeknights to minggle with friends and get to know more friends. arrrrggh...what happened??
Procrastination....I'll be thinking,'I'll talk to them the next time i see them' or 'I'll make new friends in my next class'.., one of my weakest points... or probably should just say laziness..I procrastinated in every single thing in my life... So in the end I procrastinated in making a change to my boring life in Auckland!!

P/s: sorry cause i procrastinated in writing a blog yesterday...

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