Sunday, September 21, 2008

Missing out

Here I am sitting all alone at home missing out on the few events that I was dying to go to for the pass few weeks.. The Miss Chinese New Zealand pagent at manukau city and also DV8 dance party last night.. It was the biggest party each year with over a thousand people.. Din't really mind not going to the pagent but regret it so much that I missed the dance party..

Why? Why? Why? Why dint I took the initiative to get the tickets and just go? Well one reason was because no one wanted to accompany me there.. None of my friends were interested in going.. My sister had work early today so she too couldn't accompany me there.. Maybe I should have just go there myself. Although it will be a little sad, but at least its better than me regreting it so so much now..

I'm blaming it on my sister having to go to work today.. She tried to get off from work but her manager didn't approve.. If she dint have to work today we would have gone to the party and also the mid autumn carnival today.. One other event that i so so wanted to go...I love carnivals a lot a lot a lot.. Moses chan, fala chen and tavia yeung will also make an appearance there.. My friend texted me this morning asking me if im going. she said there's a lot of games and it's really fun.. Yes yes yes i want to go but I cant cause i dont have a transport there..So wanted to ask her if she can come and pick me but that would make me feel bad cause she's living in Manukau city and the carnival is held there. If I have a car right now I would drive there straight away..and i really wouldn't mind at all going alone.. OMG!! Why is this happening to me..? Please god.. is there some way i could just fly there?

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Chewy said...

You ahve Moonlight fever~ Why Why Why?! lol Stop Stop Stop~!
quickly go watch the ending its good XD