Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nice day out!!

Arrggg... hate it when someone disturbs me from my sleep... received a text msg that woke me up at 10 am.. really frustrated at first but was pretty happy after cause my friend texted me to ask me out for lunch.. at last.... something to drag me out of my apartment..
Went to atrium and ordered a nasi lemak from the malaysian store... it was pretty good but too big portion for me.. wasted almost half of my meal..
While we were eating, there was a fashion show going on just right above us so i quickly took out my camera and got some pics...

taken from where we're eating

they were dancing while doing the show

lingerie show

After lunch we went for a drink...already had a honey milk tea when i was having lunch but went to ATT for a drink right after our my stomach was so blotted and kept on going to the toilet..

lychee green tea...mmm....

Pinko's apartment after that..

scenary from her apartment

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