Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Finally over with the hectic life of having exams and now I can lie on my cozy bed, relaxing the day off... the fun part is i get to relax while my sis and bro are studying their asses off.. haha....:P
Actually still have one paper to go but its a restricted open book which means i get to bring in 3 double sided A4 into the exam hall.. Im planing to put all my lecture slides into this 3 piece A4.. were trying it today in the library...well, almost there.. still trying..

All my exams were... er..... ok i guess..... I think it was better than my last semester.. 'I think'.... Hope I'm right..

I have a interview tommorow at sky city hotel for the position of house keeping.. yay.. one step closer to getting a job.. but actually I was hoping I could get a waitressing job there. I applied for 4 position altogether.. 3 was for waiting positions and 1 for house keeping.. unfortunately, the house keeping department called me like one day after my application. guess they really in desperate need of housekeepers.. really can't wait to start earning some $$$... need to save for my plane ticket back and also some miscellanous. and also have to start working to lose some fats.. been putting on weight since study week before exams because of all the junks i ate while studying..

My aim for the next 2 months: Save a lot of $$$ and lose a lot of fats...

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