Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Over and start

Wooohooo!!! All exams over!! The sleephead finally got her nice deep sleep, without any disturbance.

Haven't been sleeping enough for the past few days cause of exams and our apartment's alarm went of in the middle of the night for 2 nights in a row. It was so so irritating cause it was ringing like for 5 minutes. Or maybe more. Well, it feels like it was ringing for 5 minutes from the moment it woke me up.

Great great news. I got the job!! Am really proud of myself cause I got it out of the so many people who went to the interview. Or probably they hired quite a few. Haha... I'm probably thinking too much. :p

Anyways, today's the first day of my job but it's just for induction, uniform fitting and badge hand out. They told me to bring black trousers, working shoes (closed toes) and lunch.

Black trousers?? Dont even know what type of trousers they want but I'm pretty sure I don't have it. The only black pants I got is my track pants and my sis have one working office trousers which I have to breath deeply to even get the buckles closed up. Arrggg... why do they have to make it so difficult for me?? Why can't they just provide since they are providing the shirt for our uniform??

And what do they mean by working shoes?? The only shoes I have that can be worn comfortably for work is...?? er..... I think my sport shoes. All I have is boots, high heels and flats. Hmmm.... still really frustrated on what I should bring.

Turned my cupboard inside out but still can't find a suitable trousers. How?? Hope they don't fire me just because I dint bring a suitable trousers and shoes. :(

Probably have to go and hand out some CVs after work later. Need to get a night job as well. Want to have at least 60 to 70 hours a week. My sis is saying that I wont be able to manage that cause housekeeping job is really tiring.

I don't care. I'm going to work till I used up every last bit of my energy. I wanna make loads of $$. Problem is, I probably can't even get a night job. :(

Started my diet plans from 2 days ago. I've surfed through the web and look at the diet methods and decided my diet meals for the holidays is:

Half cup of oat + half cup of water + half cup of milk. Microwave for 2 minutes (taste really bad cause its tasteless)
Yogurt- Actually supposed to eat those unsweetened, low fat yogurt but my sis insisted on buying the ones with fruits in it but it's still low fat.

No lunch. Unless really hungry then can eat an apple or some fruits

Have to eat dinner before 5. The earlier you eat the more fats you lose. Well, at least that's what I think. My dinner would be subway. They dint really say what I should eat for dinner, just have to eat before 5 but I guess subway is quite healthy and lesser fats so decided to get subway everyday. sub of the day's only $3.90 so will be able to save as well.

Have to also do a little exercise at night. Just for like 5 to 10 min is enough. Hope I'll be able to lose all my fats by the end of the holidays.:)


: said...

omg are u sure thats healthy?!
I cant go without eating every 3hours or so maybe even less and ur NOT going to eat lunch?!
^^" good luck, but i still dont think starving urself is the answer....though the koda kumi diet of not eating after 6:30pm helped her lose heapsa weight lol so hopefully ur diet will work for u since ur stopping at 5pm

Keli said...

Nah the hunger part is still ok cause i'll eat breakfast around 11 and dinner around 4 plus. so dont really feel hungry. its the taste of the oat that's unbearable now.. :(