Sunday, November 30, 2008


Arrggghh.... feeling so down and moody today. My heart feels uncomfortable..

Was suppose to go to santa parade today. But have to work. Feeling uncomfortable cause I was the one who asked to work today. I know I'll regret it.

Have a work mate who's scheduled to start at 4 but cant make it to work. So I asked the supervisor if I can take her shift. Then unfortunately the supervisor ask me to come at 1 instead. Santa parade's at 2 to 3:30. Could have made it if I start at 4.

Feel like crying already. Was looking forward to it for a long time and when I heard my sis said it's this sunday I was so happy. Maybe I should have said no to my supervisor. :(

Dont know if I did the right thing. Sacrificing my santa parade for more money. Might regret and sulk over it for a long time I think.

Hope my sis can get some pics for me so at least I can have a little feeling of it.

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