Thursday, November 27, 2008


Poor blog.. sorry for abandoning you for so long..:(

Excuse: been busy

Just an excuse. Worked for 6 days last week but just 5 hours a day. Everyday is the same routine. But today I had one room with a blocked toilet. I think the shit was too big that it couldn't go through. Anyways, don't wanna go into too detailed. One word to describe - disgusting.

Hmm... really wanna get more hours of work but wanna have time to celebrate christmas. It's my favourite celebration of the year afterall.

All the decorations are already up. Pass by Smiths and coughleys the other day and they have really cute puppet displays and Christmas songs. I'll get a pic the next time. So so cute.

Too bad NZ don't have white Christmas. Or else it'll be perfect...

I'm so so broke. So many things to pay for but have so little hours of work. And worst thing is this week is the last week of allowances. Arrgg... how to save up enough for my holidays. :(

By the way, already booked my ticket back to Malaysia on the 11th Jan, arriving on 12th. Flying from Auckland to KL via Gold coast. Have to spend almost 12 hours at Gold Coast but luckily I have my sis to accompany me so might just go to the town.

Also booked a ticket to Hong kong on the 13th Jan till 17th. So basically just spend like one night at home in Malaysia then I'm off again.

Sad thing is, all my closest friends from hong kong are not going back this year. What bad luck. No one to bring us around. But I will be there with Derek, my bro and his friend, my sis, my cousin hui shian and her fren, and also ck and pinko. Should be able to find our way around with so many brains i guess.

Anyone who would be in Hong kong on the 13th till 17th Jan and would like to volunteer to bring us around? Pleaseee.....??

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