Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Haiz.. Only have like 20 hours of work last week. Arrgghhh... I need work. Need more money!! How??

Only one week of work but I already have people that I hate so much at work. There's this Indian girl who's also a new employee like me. While we were working together today she were just mocking around and even watch TV in the hotel room.

I hate workers like that. Don't have sense of morality. And she keep on thinking she's so clever and always right. Keep on telling me what to do. Grrr.... so angry...

She was putting some milk into the hotel fridge and she put two packets. I told her that we only need to put one but she thinks she's right and won't even listen to me.

There's this other China girl who always shirk as well and always complaining that the work is hard and tiring. Come on man, we're just working for 5 hours. Even after cleaning the first room she already start complaining. Worst thing is she complains every single day. Driving me crazy...

I'm so miserable now. Every day hoping that I can at least get an interview for any of the tons of jobs I've applied.

It's all this stupid Sky city's fault. At first I thought they will at least give me like 40 hours to work so I dint apply any other jobs in case there'll be a time clash. But now all the jobs are taken. So hard to get a job now. Haiz... Think I have to start praying everyday now and hope God will answer my prayers. :)

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