Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First day of work

First day of work is normally the worst day cause you'll always be lost and confused. But lucky for me, my first day was awesome. Like free money. Hahaha...

I thought yesterday was for induction, uniform fitting and making our employee badges but after doing all those our manager told us that we're going to start work. I was shocked. Cause we started all the induction and stuff at 2 and i thought we'll able to finish around 5.

End up I only finish work at 9 and after having dinner, I only got home at 10 pm. And I also spoiled my diet. I only had oat around 10 am and only got to eat at 9. My stomach was growling the whole time I was working.

There were all together 7 new employees and we paired up into twos and followed a more experienced housekeeper. They showed us all we need to do and then we had to clean a room ourselves. They said once we're used to it we'll work alone and we have to clean 16 rooms each in 8 hours. Still thinking how to do that cause me and my partner cleaned 1 room together and took nearly an hour.

Cleaning rooms are pretty tiring but after cleaning one room we had to do a 'turn down'. All we had to do is going into rooms, close the curtains and leave boxes of cookies so that once customers gets into their rooms the environment is set for them to sleep. This is the first time I heard that hotels actually do that. Lol...

And I heard that the suites in our hotel costs like $3500 per night. That is so crazy. Even if I have the money I wont spend that amount of money for one night in a high class hotel.

My badge..The badge photo look ugly cause I have my hair tied up. Make me look fat.

My working shoes

Got my shoes for $20 in No. 1 shoe warehouse. Its the nicest I can find but a little scared they don't approve this type cause its soft cloth. I think they want those that are hard but all the hard ones in the store were so ugly. I cant stand wearing ugly shoes. Just hope they don't look at my shoes.

And they have a really high tech system for employees to sign in and sign out. We have to use our fingerprint and our ID and the scanner will see if our fingerprint matches our ID. I think they do this so that employees can't ask their work mates to help them sign in. A lot people do that in those punch card systems and in those worksheet ones they can also fake their working times.

I'm scheduled to work from 4 to 9 pm from tues to fri . Really disappointed cause only got so few hours. So I went out to town today to hand out some CVs. And to my surprise, Dunkin Donuts is hiring!! Yay!! I really really really wanna work there cause the job's easy and I love Dunkin Donuts. Handed my CV in and they said they'll call me in for an interview. I so so hope I can get this job.

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