Thursday, October 30, 2008

One down..

One down 3 more to go... haih.. cant wait to get over with exams.
Today's economics went alright. It was easier than i expected it to be but made one stupid stupid mistake and that question was like 10%.. Ever have that feeling that you know something's wrong but just cant tell why. well, that was my feeling. I had to draw a graph and explain it but that question was so easy that i should have gotten full marks. I looked at the graph and i thought something was wrong with it but just couldnt figure out what. After exams when i looked at my notes, I felt like killing myself. argghh....

Other than my exam, there's this other thing that made me so sad and disappointed today. So overall my day sucked.. After I got back home I went straight to bed and when I woke up it was already at night.. Half day wasted.. :(

Anyways, have to put that behind me and study hard for the next one. A little worried about the next one actually.. Commercial Law... I actually like this paper cause it's quite interesting but there's a lot cases to remember and have to write an essay type answer for the exam. My weakest catogery out of reading, listening and writing should be writing i think.. Sometimes just by figuring out how to start the essay frustrates me but once you get it moving then it'll flow on.

Alright, have to get back to my studying. Dont wanna waste any more time.. ( Actually me writing this blog is just another excuse to delay my studying... haha...)

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