Thursday, November 6, 2008


Before going to my interview today, in my mind I was thinking I'm probably the only person who's interviewed. Since they contacted me like one day after my application, so i thought probably they really need someone to fill the space but couldn't find one. But guess what...??

There were like around 15 people there and all going after one freaking house keeping position. There were 3 maori, 2 indians, 3 asians (not including me), and all others were caucasians. Oh ya, and one malay guy. What the hell man?? Dint even know so many people are looking for jobs.

The worst thing is, I went to the interview wearing jeans and boots. yeah... i thought it weren't a really prestigious position so I din't bother to dress up. arrghhh... regretting it now.

Before my interview my sis told me to wear a little formal and said 'it's an interview man. how can you wear jeans' and i said 'duh... they're hiring housekeepers'. Shouldn't have said that. Haih... and before going to the interview they told me to bring my passport for proof of my residency and as usual, being so forgetful and reckless, I forgot. I bet that must have been a minus points for me.

Hmmm.... guess I have to go print some CVs tommorow. So so so need a job asap!!

While me and my sis were super super free after most of our exams, we visited some of the popular blog sites and came across one where I thought the blogger were a little mean, giving really harsh comments.

There's this guy who just ask her if she can blog about his relationship with his gf cause his gf really like her blog and they were facing some problems. That blogger bloged about him being ridiculous and called him a moron and a fucker. FYI, moron=stupid and stupid is a mean word!! What a meanie!!

Yeah its your blog and you can blog about whatever you want. Yeah your blog should be about you instead of other people. Yeah I get it, you dont care about what other people thinks of you. But why cant you just reject him nicely. You can scold those evil people who smokes inconsideartely and managers who serving is bad but he was just being sweet and wanted to do something for his gf.

What would he feel if he reads that blog and knows the blogger is talking about him. Already after feeling so sad because of relationship problems, he have to take all those harsh comments. What if he can't take it and commit suicide?? Some people just dont have any heart. Haih....

AND I think people who says they dont give a damn about what other people thinks are people who cares the most.


Anonymous said...

lol...u were wrong about 1 thing..u said "I think people who says they dont give a damn about what other people thinks are people who cares the most",not every one in this world will jz said things without action...

Keli said...

i'll re-phrase my statement then...'i think MOST of the people who says they dont give a damn about what other people thinks are people who cares the most'....:)