Thursday, November 20, 2008


This few day's like hell to me. Everyday worried about looking for a second job even till I dream of looking for jobs at night. woke up 6 am this morning cause I couldn't sleep. As most of you should know, I seldom have sleeping problems. I can sleep any time anywhere.

Why? Why is this happening to me?

Yesterday I had like one good news and one bad. Good news is, the Indian girl along with the china girl that I dislike so much at work got caught for watching TV in the guest room. So funny.. Come on. If you wanna do something bad, do it smartly man.

Supervisors always come and check like every one or two hour but they still can have the guts to sit down in the guest room and watch TV.

Bad news. My eyes is infected with bacteria again. This time is worst. It's in both eyes. I actually felt it last week but it wasn't bad so I left it. Until these few days it got really bad. My eyes turn really red and watery when I'm working.And there's like foreign substances coming out of my eyes. Now I can't even open my right eyes. OMG!! It's so painful!!

Went to see the doctor this morning since I could not sleep. The doctor gave me a stronger eye drops than the one I had before. BUT..... I can't wear my contacts when I'm on the drops until it's fully recover. I need my lenses to work!!

How can I work without lenses. I won't even be able to see if the rooms are already cleaned or not. Especially the toilet. We have to make sure the whole toilet do not have even one hair. But I dont think I can even see if there's hair even if it's right in front of me.

Then.... I came up with a solution. Clever me... I'm going to wear one side of my lenses and apply the drops the other till that eyes recover than I'll switch eyes. Haha... funny but I think it'll work.

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