Monday, December 1, 2008


While I was walking down Queens St today, there's this near 30-year old lady walking towards me. Thought she was quite pretty and liked her boots a lot. So was looking at her for pretty long. She walked pass me.

After like not even one minute later, which was like around half block walk, I saw that exact same person with the same boots again opposite me. She was across the road at an intersection. I am so sure that it was the same person cause I looked at her for a long time the first time.

I thought I saw wrongly or something but when the light turn green and she walked closer towards me, it was her again. How she got in front of me again? It was so so so freaking weird. Freaked me out for like a minute. Until now still thinking how did that happen???

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chewy : said...

maybe it was a GHOST~!
lol or maybe theres another way around and she went around, shes just wearing her nice boots to show off around that area? hahah