Sunday, October 26, 2008

Exam week coming..

One week slacking on my blog... was meant to update it since tuesday but everytime there'll be something that prevented me from doing it.. it's either im lazy or my sister is using the comp.. she had 2 assignments to hand in on friday so she's been busy with her assignment all week.. argghh... have to get my own computer...

Did my nails with the nail polish and nail art stuff Ivan got me for my birthday on monday.. din't really like it a lot but it was ok..( i mean my nail design, not Ivan's present)..really like your presie Ivan, thanks a lot..

Facebook is so distracting man... were studying the other in IC Level 2 on friday but couldn't concentrate because of facebook.. only did one chapter on my Econ111 in 3 hours... really sucked... There was also one day that I started drawing Looney Tunes characters while I was studying...But were quite impressed with my own drawings... hahaha...

Pretty good huh..?

Muahaha... even took time to colour it.. havent coloured for quite sometime.. feel like a little kid again...

This coming week is that time of the year again where I have to cut down my sleeping time from 12 hours to only 6 hours.... haih.....hate exams....

My exam timetable: 30th Oct- Econ 111
3rd Nov- Comlaw 201
4th Nov- Acct 311
10th Nov- Infosys 110
So hope that its 11th Nov tomorrow.... :(

Well, good luck to those of you's who are having their exams... don't over work yourself!!

Study Hard, Study Smart

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