Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rihanna and Chris Brown concert!

OMG!! The concert was awesome!! Rihanna was so damn sexy and Chris Brown's so cute...:P
But my whole body's aching now.. neck, back, arms and leg... Back and legs for standing too long, arms for holding the camera too long and neck for trying to see over those taller people blocking me... Haih... the disadvantage of being short.. don't get standing tickets for concerts.. get the seating ones. Got quite close to the stage though (around 5 metres i think) but couldn't see some of the times because of the tall people in front..and it was so stinking of all the people's sweat and everyone was like pushing around. There was one girl that was falling all around..either she was feeling dizzy or she drank too much and she was dragged out by this huge lady.. really helped me a lot hough cause that big lady was blocking my view..haha...But I would still say that this experience was an awesome one.. Took quite a lot pictures and videos but some are really shaky cause of the pushing. Especially ones with Chris Brown dancing...

Chris Brown performed first for about 1 hour then there was a 30 min break and then Rihanna performed..The last part of the show was so so awesome when she sang take a bow and umbrella..especially when Chris brown appear again and sang umbrella with her.. But unfortunately I dint get a video of that last part cause my camera went out of memory.. I used pinko's camera instead but then not sure why couldn't hear the music. such a waste... but she's trying to see if there's any way to save it.. argghh....so hope she can make it right.. i so so love that part!!

More videos to come cause blogspot takes freaking long to load videos so im gonna load it in youtube and then post it here.... never done this before but pinko taught me to do it this way... if it dont work then i think i'll take like one day to load the few videos through blogspot... :( haih...

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