Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to CK


Wow... Haven't update my blog for more than one week now. Haven't been online for a long long time as well. Worked non-stop for many many days from 1 to 9 pm. BUT STILL SO BROKE!! Dont know how did I manage to do that... Haiz... :(

Anyways, everything's going good at work except for the few frustrating moments when I'm working with the few frustrating people. Trying my very best to avoid these people now, to keep myself happy at work everyday.

There was one day when I was sweeping the staff stairways and guess what, I got locked in. The supervisor gave me instructions to sweep from 21st floor to ground floor. So I did that but it came to one point that there was an exit door and I stupidly went through it and got locked on the other side.

Got trapped and lost for like almost 30 min. Wandering around, finding a door that could be open. Lucky for me there was people behind one of those locked door and they helped me to open from the other side. Whew.... so lucky.. I was sooo scared at that time.. :(

These few weeks would be pretty crazy for me I think. Iris came from Dunedin to stay for around 2 weeks at my apartment. So I have to spend as much time as possible with her. But then also have to work everyday.

And then there's Ck's and my sis's birthday. We're having a party this Saturday. Then after that would be christmas party and then new years party. Don't even know how to manage my time and don't even know if I have off days on christmas and new years.

At one point I really wanna work to earn the money but at one point I wanna be able to celebrate and have parties with my friends. Well, you can't get everything you want rite. Hmmm, lets see... I'll choose work I guess. I can enjoy later in Hong Kong if I've saved more money.

AArrggg.... just found out that my phone's cable was biten by Don's dog. And it's not working now. Wanted to post some pics from my phone. How??? Can't transfer any pics from now on. Hmmm....stupid dog. So going to beat him when he come on fri.

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