Monday, December 29, 2008


My sis's Bf, Don says that my blog is boring. Hmm... yeah.. so what it's a boring blog. I DONT CARE!! :( He says that blogging is about gossiping and talking about other people so I should do that. I think that I should just write what I want to write and I want to write about ME and not other people.

Been really busy lately with work, Christmas, Boxing day and friends so din't have time to even online and update my blog. Sorry guys..

Did heaps of things this few weeks cause Iris came to visit from Dunedin. Have been bringing her around to different restaurants, cafes and of course shopping spots. She bought heaps of stuff and spent loads of money on shopping. I only shopped for Christmas and New Years cause I'm poor. :(

She flew back to Dunedin just this morning. and sorry I dint send you off to the airport Iris. I know you'll understand. partner's gone..

Anyways, today's my day off from work and since Iris's is gone, I'm super free. My sis's at work, my bro went back to Malaysia and my sis's bf is still sleeping cause he woke up early to send Iris to the airport. So finally I have time to update my blog..:)

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