Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sis's birthday celebration

My sis birthday was on 18th Dec but we celebrated it during the weekends. Went to a Malaysian restaurant in New Lynn called Rasa Sayang. Food there is pretty good. Really authentic malaysian food. I think I can say it's the best malaysian food i ate before in New Zealand.
Before going out for dinner

Crab and shark fin soup (but off course fake shark fin)

Nicest one should be the asam fish but all is really good as well

Now you see, now you dont

Awww... so loving...

Family photo

Birthday girl

Group photo

After dinner we started drinking at my apartment. Started with the usual circle of death. I got 2 Ks so I added a lot of jim bean... and the winner who got the 4th K is..... PINKO!!! Congrats!!

A lot of pure Jim Bean.. Yuk...

Stupid Don and Min kept on asking me to drink

Then we played the other card game.. ermm... dunno what it's called in english.

Don added heaps of Kahlua and it tastes really bad.. Eddie had to drink that but he needed to drive so I helped him a little.

Ewww.... Look so so bad... This one tastes the worst among all cause i hate Kahlua. End up I lost 2 times and had to drink 2 bowls.

I surrender... enough for me... :(

We went to Magarita after drinking. Only the girls went cause the guys dint wanna go. It was quite fun since I was so high at that time but we dint stay for long cause I had stomach cramp. Hmmm... I think getting old.

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