Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day out with no name

Last saturday my sis had to work during day time and my shift start at 4 so had to accompany Don (her bf) and his dog, no name (cause he dont have a name yet). He's a maltese.

Went for lunch at atrium.

Don with his fav chicken feet

My salmon lasagne set only costs $9.50. So cheap and it's really nice.

We were suppose to go to the pet shop where he bought the dog for a free grooming. Don made an appointment with them but the irresponsible pet shop owners went off for holiday without even telling us. So end up we made waited there for 15 min for nothing.

Waiting to be groomed

Queens st from upper queen and the big santa on withcouls

Random old man playing guitar

Since no name din't have his grooming, Don decided to bath him himselve

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