Monday, April 6, 2009

Saturday night foam party

Holidays!!!! So happy to finally get over with assignments and mid semester tests. Don't really know if I did well or not but that's for later to worry. 2 weeks of holiday!! Yay!! Although might be a boring holiday cause not planning to go anywhere but then holidays are much better than no holidays.

Went to a foam party on Saturday night. Haven't been to one before so din't know how would it turn out to be but my friend told me to wear something cheap cause the foam might ruin our clothes. I purposely went to buy a simple shirt just for the party.

Got a shock when I got there cause everyone was soaking wet. Din't imagine it to be wet. and also right before we went in there were some people outside who got cuts and were bleeding cause they fell down and there were glass on the floor.

But turn out the party was great... Haven't had so much fun in a long long time.. None of us got really drunk but everyone was high. For the last 2 weeks we were planning to go out clubing but every single time someone would get really drunk and end up not going out. So this time was a succesfull third attempt.

The foam was almost up till our knee

We were standing just next to the foam machine.. Foam were blocking ck...

Really really soaking wet from top to bottom

Ji mui mun

One random guy at the back of pinko and he was looking into the camera.. weird..

Group photo??? half body of bernard on the left and ck's not in cause she's holding the camera and a few random people...

It was a night to remember....

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