Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools day!!

It's been long long time since I dint update my blog. Sorry, sorry, sorry!!
Not gonna give lame excuses saying that I'm busy. Gonna admit that I'm just too lazy.
Funny thing is that this week is the busiest week of my semester so far and I'm writing a post. Just an excuse to procrastinate my studies.. Guess some things just never change.

BUT.... There are improvements made. Skipped lesser lectures and went to ALL my tutorials. Er... well, cause it's compulsory. I'm trying my best...

Last night was one of the nights that I was feeling really tired and went to bed really early. It was 2 am and I was sleeping soundly when my phone rang.. There was a text message. Half asleep, I read the text and surprisingly, it was Min, my friend's bf who seldom text me. And goes on like this:

Min: Hey
Me: Hey wat's up? Anything wrong?
Min: r u slping?
Me:Yeah. but it's ok. I'm awake now. Why? (surprised and thinking something must have happened)
Min: srry to wake u up.. some1 crash in to me jst nw in front of bongane.. can u cme n help me plz..?? (FYI: bongane is a restaurant right outside my apartment)
Me: ok (I quickly jump out of my bed, very worried and get ready to go out when...)
Min: oh im fine nw..
Me: Huh??
Min: April fools day.. gudnite!
Me: ...... (speechless)

Good job Min!! For making my 2009 april fools day a memorable one...

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