Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My summer holidays

Gosh... almost 2 months since I last updated my blog. Sorry guys. As you know I was away for holidays in Malaysia and my home's internet there was super slow so couldn't be bothered to even online.

This year's trip back to Malaysia was a blast. One day right after landed in Malaysia we flew to Hong Kong. Seven of us went together, me, my sis, my bro n gf (Pei Ying), my dear cousin(Hui Shian), Michelle and Debbie.

The whole trip overall was fun with the exception of our unacceptable small hotel room. It turn out to be a 2 single bed room instead of a 2 double bed room. The first night was horrible cause I had to squeeze on a single bed with my sis. After that we changed our room to a one double bed room and three of us had to sleep horizontally to fit on that bed. But most of our time in Hong Kong was spent on shopping, shopping, and shopping so after the 2nd day, our room problem din't matter at all.

Taken in one of the malls.

We also spent a whole day at ocean park.

Taken in the bus at the bus station going to ocean park

At Ocean park entrance

Taken outside Ocean Park. Er.... don't really know what it means.

Group photos. Only 5 of us went cause Hui Shian, Michelle and Debbie decided to go shopping instead.

The Japanese Garden

At the end of my 5 days in Hong Kong, my purse was emptied inside out. Just like the saying 'shop till you drop'. But it was all worth it. Would really want to go back there again sometime soon cause 5 days is really not enough at all.. It's far from enough.

Just after a few days back from Hong Kong, my parents decided to bring us to Hatyai, Thailand for a family trip. We drove a van there cause there was 6 of us, my family plus my mum's friend and it took us forever just to get there.

After staying 2 nights at Hatyai, we took another van to Krabi which was about another 3 to 4 hours drive and stayed there for another 2 nights. Turn out it was really worth all the trouble to get there cause we had a lot fun in Krabi. We went to a few islands and went snorkelling around. All of us had so much fun.

One of the best and memorable family trip... My mum always say that this would probably be our last family trip cause I would start working next year and it would be really hard to take time off. But it will never be the last. Even if all of us are splitted into 4 different places in the world, there's always time for family.


chewy said...

OMG u had it done~!
wow u didnt even tell me about it on the phone last time, take more pics so i can see the difference.

ke li said...

I told u that I'm gonna do it rite?? thought u already knew so dint mention it lo..
i'll try my best to post more pics soon.. a little lazy lately.. hehe..:)