Friday, January 9, 2009

Malaysia, here I come!!

Arrgghhh.... haven't got enough sleep for ages. Been working from 8 to 5 for many days straight now. But.. TODAYS MY LAST DAY!!!! WOOOHHHOOOO!!!!!!

So so glad I finally dont have to work and finally going back to Malaysia. I'm leaving early morning on sunday from Auckland to Gold Coast. Unfortunately, have to stop at gold cost for 12 hours and from there to KL. Will arrive at Malaysia at 4 in the morning. Poor mum, have to pick us so early in the morning..

But only gonna stay one night in Malaysia then off to Hong Kong!! Really can't wait. But one sad thing is... My bro and cousins are staying at Holiday Inn the 5 star hotel but me, my sis, pinko and ck is only staying at a 3 star hotel. Haiz..

So many things to do before I go back. Haven't applied for my aloowance yet so I'll be broke when i get back and also need to do some last minute shopping. Haven't even pack yet. That's the hard part.

Dont really wanna bring back too many cause we're going HK to shop. But then I heard it's winter now in HK and it's pretty cold. So.... Hmmm.... Have to bring some winter clothes and summer clothes.

Anyways, time to go get ready for work now...I think the time on my blog is wrong. It's currently 6:41 am. Couldn't sleep since 6 am... Will be so tired later at work. Haiz...

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