Sunday, August 31, 2008

A saturday night out..

Update on my New 2nd-half year's resolution: 50% success.. did a lot of things other than sleeping yesterday. yay!!
Yesterday was full of excitement.. Me and my sis decided to bake for our bfs.. she baked heart shaped cookies and i baked heart shaped chocolate cake..Both turned out really well. The problem now would be how to get it to my bf. He's in Dunedin you see. Well... might end up eating it myself and just email him a pic. Pity..

Raw materials


Product succeed

My final product

My sis's final product

This is my sister's first time baking. It was pretty good. I haven't tasted mine yet till now cause din't wanna spoil the heart shape. Hmm... but will probably feel sick after eating all four of mine..

Surprisingly, after a full day of hard out baking i was still all charged up to go out at night. One of my friend went to the UMSA ball and ask us to join him at his after ball party later at night. So I called my frens and start getting ready for the night. We only went out at nearly 1 am. The after ball party was packed and couldn't even get in. My friend then end up going to casino with his ball frens and me n my frens end up going to magi (another club, pretty popular here). It was fun!!

Getting ready...

My frens at my place before going out (ck, pinko, me)

Well, that sums up the first saturday of my holidays. One more exciting day to remember and probably be the only excitement i get for the next 2 weeks of holidays.

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