Saturday, August 30, 2008

First blog!! yay!! been wanting to start writing one long time ago but have been procastinating... finally, i did it.. Well, its actually the second first blog. Wrote my first in myspace a few hour ago but decided to create one here instead.

Spent the pass hour doing up this blog and have wasted all my efforts in writing the one in myspace. So, to make it easier for me i'm just going to copy and paste the one i wrote earlier just with a slight change. Have no idea how the designing here works but the one in myspace was more complicated. I'm a computer illiterate.. o, and the templates for the blog here sucks.. any idea on how to create our own templates?

Mid-semester breaks!! Today's the first day of my 16 days semester break. Although everyday is like a holiday to me, it still feels great to have holidays. To start off, i've no idea on how i'm spending it. No holiday plans, no activities. Probably will end up wasting 16 days of my holidays either on my comfy bed, in front of my dear tv or in front of this mac screen. Looking on the bright side, at least now i have this blog to update when I've nothing to do. This is 'MY LIFE'. Pathetic isn't it?
O, and there's this new facebook game that i'm addicted to now, 'Guess the sketch'. Really interesting game that tests your brain. Highly recommended to all of you that hasn't tried it. 5 hours non-stop when i first played last week, but, still suck at it now. Proves that my brains isn't functioning really well. It's probably gotten rotten from all these years of laziness. So, a New second-half Year's resolution: stop being lazy! Includes: going to the gym to keep fit, keeping up with my assignments and tests, sleep for less than 10 hours a day, and no procastination!

P/s: There's a 80% chance that i'll procastinate on this resolution. Well, we'll see how it goes....

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